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Relayer Flow

Polkadot to Ethereum

The relayer can be started in 2 different modes for relaying from Polkadot to Ethereum. Both can be run in parallel.

MMR-Only mode

This mode runs the relayer in a mode where it ensures that the Ethereum contract receives MMR roots, where at least one MMR proof per epoch is guaranteed. It only interacts with the Relay Chain Light Client, not the Parachain Light Client.

Relayer process starts in MMR-Epochs-Only mode

Ethereum Block Processing Queue

New MMR Root Processing Queue

MMR Relay Queue

Incentivized-Channel Mode

In this mode, the relayer watches for new incentivized channel commitments, ensuring that everything needed to process that commitment is relayed to Ethereum.

Relayer process starts in Incentivized-Channel Mode

Ethereum Block Processing Queue

New Incentivized Channel Commitment Processing Queue

Request MMR Relay Queue

MMR Relay Queue

Same as in MMR-Epochs-Only mode

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