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Core Applications

Snowbridge comes with 3 built-in applications. These are all effectively cross-chain dApps. They are intended to provide functionality that we expect is needed across the Polkadot ecosystem and across multiple parachains.

For now, we only have apps for turning ETH, ERC20 tokens and DOT into cross-chain pegged assets that can live on either Polkadot or Ethereum:


We will likely add additional core bridge application pallets in future, for example for NFT/ERC721 bridging support or for other functionality that is likely to be needed across the wider Polkadot ecosystem. We are also in talks with other parachain teams that want to integrate with Snowbridge to connect to Ethereum for things like stablecoins, DeFi, EVM/Solidity Smart Contract support and games and so may add functionality to support those parachains and use cases in time too.

If you’re interested in collaborating in these endeavors, please get in touch - !

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